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ICGEB receives grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to strengthen and expand biosafety systems in sub-Saharan Africa
The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) recently announced a US $3 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help support the development of...

Policy on the transfer of Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT) from Asia to Africa by the WorldFish Center
The Mission of The WorldFish Center is to ‘reduce poverty and hunger through improved fisheries and aquaculture’. We work to achieve this through relevant research, development and technology transfer, partnerships, capacity building and policy support. Genetic improvement by selective breedi...

Program for Biosafety Systems ( Newsletter )

Influence of Transgenosis on the Plant-Insect- Relationships, in Particular on Chemically       Mediated Interactions

Effect of Transgenes Conferring Enhanced Pathogen Resistance on the Interaction with Symbiotic        Fungi in Rice

Impact on the Soil Ecosystem through Natural and Genetically Engineered Organisms:
      Effects, Methods and Definition of Damage as Contribution to Risk Assessment

The Decomposition of Bt-Corn on the Fields and its Impact on Earthworms and on other        Macroorganisms in the Soil

Environmental Post-market Monitoring of Bt-maize:
       Approaches to Detect Potential Effects on Butterflies and Natural Enemies

In Need of a Green Revolution:
An Interview With Robert Paarlberg

Bt-Corn does not Harm Biodiversity

Sheep Death: The Truth Revealed

GEAC under Pressure to Vet GM Food Imports

Environment Ministers Agree GMO Approval Overhaul

GM Directive Deficiencies in the European Union ( EMBO Reports )

 Internationally Funded Training in Biotech and Biosafety

Developing Country Biosafety Capacity 'Inadequate'

India not Enforcing Safety Norms for GM crops: UN Study

Glimpses into the New Biotech Regulatory Set-up

The Politics of GM Food

Estimation of Cross-fertilization Possibility

Isolation Buffer Zone Distances

Cross-fertilization Trial Results

Buffer Zones Can't Prevent GMO Cross-contamination

Difficult Compromise: Basic Decision on Genetic Engineering Liability

Review of GMO Labeling

 Costs of Labeling in China

 Cost of Labeling in Brazil

A Review of International Labeling Policies of Genetically Modified Foods

Compliance Costs for Regulatory Approval of New Biotech Crops

Harmonization of Animal Care and Use Guidance

Pests Emerging Concern for Bt Cotton

Glimpses into the New Biotech Regulatory Set-up

The Politics of GM Food

Five *NEW* PBS Country Fact Sheets: Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Philippines, Uganda

UGANDA: BioVision

Applying Biotechnology in a Safe and Responsible Manner: Justification for a Biosafety Law in Kenya


Two Upcoming Events!
On May 8, 2008, the International Food Policy Research Institute’s Environment and Production Technology Division will host an international expert dialogue on “Biotechnology and Biosafety in Developing Countries.”