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Plant Mutagenesis May Induce More Transcriptomic Changes than Transgene Insertion


Batista, R., Saibo, N., Lourenco, T., & Oliveira, M.M. (2008)

         Microarray analyses reveal that plant mutagenesis may induce more transcriptomic changes than transgene insertion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105, 9, pp 3640-3645

         <Go to ISI>://WOS:000253846500082 AND

Baudo, M.M., Lyons, R., Powers, S., Pastori, G.M., Edwards, K.J., Holdsworth, M.J., & Shewry, P.R. (2006)

         Transgenesis has less impact on the transcriptome of wheat grain than conventional breeding. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 4, 4, pp 369-380

         <Go to ISI>://000238256500001 AND

Shewry, P.R., Powers, S., Field, J.M., Fido, R.J., Jones, H.D., Arnold, G.M., West, J., Lazzeri, P.A., Barcelo, P., Barro, F., Tatham, A.S., Bekes, F., Butow, B., & Darlington, H. (2006)

         Comparative field performance over 3 years and two sites of transgenic wheat lines expressing HMW subunit transgenes. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 113, 1, pp  128-136

         <Go to ISI>://000238345000016 AND
http://www.botanischergarten.ch/Organic/Shewry-Performance-2006.pdf and the IP handbook text oncemore with the comment

Ammann, K. (2006)

         Reconciling Traditional Knowledge with Modern Agriculture: A Guide for Building Bridges. In Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation a handbook of best practices, Chapter 16.7 (eds A. Krattiger, R.T.L. Mahoney, L. Nelsen, G.A. Thompson, A.B. Bennett, K. Satyanarayana, G.D. Graff, C. Fernandez & S.P. Kowalsky), pp. 1539-1559. MIHR, PIPRA, Oxford, U.K. and Davis, USA   chapter 16.7
http://www.botanischergarten.ch/TraditionalKnowledge/Ammann-Traditional- Biotech-2007.pdf   

free of copyrights AND the exported bibliography with the links: