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ABARE Produce Another Bogus Report to Push GM Crops Press Release, Network of Concerned Farmers (Australia)

The Network of Concerned Farmers (NCF) have slammed ABARE for their latest economic report titled "Economic Impacts of GM crops in Australia" claiming that it is based on misinformation and driven by the Federal government protecting their own investments in GM technology.

"Once again ABARE has put out a bogus report showing benefits for GM crops that are not relevant and ignoring the costs and market loss involved. This ABARE report is a desperate push of GM crops onto farmers." said Mrs Julie Newman, National Spokesperson for the NCF.

"There is no reason why any of the advantages would be relevent to the introduction of GM crops as we are not being offered anything better than what we already have but there is a reason why the risks and additional costs should be included. How can a benefit be applicable to GM wheat introduction when no market wants it?"

No additional seed costs or user fees were incorporated and it was assumed all farmers would grow GM which removed the costs of segregation. No market loss or penalties were integrated but a market premium was assumed for GM crops yet a price reduction was claimed for consumers. The funding for this project was provided by the Rural policy division under the National Biotechnology Strategy (NBS) introduced in 2000.

"The Federal Government adopted the Biotechnology Strategy to protect their biotechnology investments, not to protect farmers and consumers," added Mrs Newman. "This is obviously the aim of this report as it does not address economics for farmers or consumers."

Contact: Julie Newman: 08 98711562
Press alert: Julie Newman will be speaking at 2.30pm at the GM Crops Summit in Melbourne on 21st May 2008. visit  www.informa.com.au