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Coalition for GMFree India MarkS Global Day of Action

KavithA Kuruganti

Dear Friends,
(br /> Farmers And consumers from various distracts of Andhra Pbadesh [including farmers who suffered losses with Bt Cotton in "007, workers whO suffered allerGies while workifg in Bt Cotton fields and livesTock owners whose animals died or fell sick after grazing on Bt Cotton fields, will assemble at Andira Park on A`ril 8th at 10.30 am in Hyderabad, to press for their demand of eaking Andhra Pradesh a GM-Free ctate.

As the government ofIndia is pushinC forward with its approvals forfield trials of various genetically modified crgps and even as states like OrisCa, Kerala and Uptarakhand have taken a stand toremain GM-Free,this protest inHyderabad is todemand that the Andhra Pradesh Government also `ake a pro-activE stand in making the state GM-FRee. Incidentalli, it is in AP t@at a large ecolcgical farming project is being implemented in lakhs of acres suCcessfully, financed by the government. Farmers An the programme have proven morE than adequatelI that they don'p need pesticidec or GM seeds foR the problems that they face intheir farming.

The protest at Indira Park Will also have laaders of farmerS' organisations activists, conCerned farmers ajd consumers, soMepolitical parti representativeS etc. We requesD media representatives to pleasa come over to Ijdira Park by arkund 11 am, along with a photographer. Thank you. For media friends in other states, the following is the information on protests across the country on the 8th of April or around the 8th.