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Healthy Polish Food

The idea to produce transgenic food in the light of the difficulties with the excess of food produced both in Poland and in the entire European Union is commonly undermined. One cannot allow Poland to be treated as a laboratory and to treat Poles as guinea pigs. Poland has no reason to import, and moreover to produce, GMO, having overproduction of her own, increasingly more praised food. Poland is a region that produces highly tasty foods. The Polish export goes up from ? to 1/3 every year. It has not been disturbed by the high exchange rate of zloty and the Russian embargo.

The number of people who like Polish foods is increasing. The report 'Polish foreign farm and food trade in 2006' says that it was a record year. The export had a 21% increase ‚ to 8.5 billion euros. The important importers of Polish foods include: Germany (16%), Czech Republic (44%), Great Britain (36%), Holland (24%), Italy (33%), China (82%), Ireland (74%) and Lithuania (56%) ‚ the increase in percentage was given in brackets. Russia has fallen to a lower place at her own wish. As a result, the Polish agriculture is experiencing a great success and the less the world is interested in GM the more prosperous the situation could be for us. In this situation the introduction of toxic products in our market and the predatory strange competition for Polish agriculture would be an unimaginable stupidity.