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Influence on the EU

They use many false arguments, e.g. difficulties in buying more expensive unmodified soy, the threat to cattle breeders because of the lack of soy as a valuable ingredient of feedstuff, which can lead to
liquidation of the animals. Some are afraid of the lack of soy because China can buy it out. These are false arguments. We have genetically modified soy and it can be bought without any difficulty.

Paraguay has 20% of the soy and Brazil has 60%. Although China imports soy but not for feedstuff but for growing. Being aware of the boom for soy China has planned soy production on a large scale since 2003. Considering the low labour cost in China its soy will be surely cheaper than the soy produced in both Americas. The cost of soy production in Ukraine or the EU countries with warm climates, e.g. in Romania or Greece, should be even lower due to the low cost of transport.