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Profit Before Ethics?

We often hear the argument about the lack of research that would justify our keeping away from GMO. It is the producer, and not the customer, that is responsible for the quality of his products. However, the biggest biotechnological giant Monsanto, whose worth is estimated to be over 73 billion dollars, claims that its aim is profit and not ethics, and because of that he has neglected the obligatory
tests, conducting only pilot studies, which cannot be regarded as sufficient in any case. At the same time this firm uses huge means to corrupt politicians and higher officials. Thus the firm shuts the
mouth of all those who would like to inform society on the basis of their own research about the danger of GM plants for people's health, for animals and for the environment. In Indonesia alone, Monsanto spent ca. 700,000 dollars to bribe officials.

After this scandal was revealed and the case had been brought into court the firm had to pay one million dollars for infringing the anti-corruption law. In spite of saving money on research the industry was extremely wasteful because it spent immense sums for corrupting the people they needed
and not allowing any publications that were unfavourable to the interests of the big concerns. The firm has lost its credibility completely. The initiatives to conduct research have been taken by institutions and independent scientists in spite of them having any special financial means. In the years 2002-2005, in Italy Manuela Malatesta and her collaborators conducted solid research for two years
and showed that GM soy given to mice caused serious changes in their liver, pancreas and testicle cells.

Other authors had similar results after having fed rats with GM soybeans. In the years 2005-2006, the
scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences informed that the rats fed with genetically modified soy had an excessive number of stunted offspring. Over half of them died within three weeks whereas those who survived were completely sterile. Recently, a team of outstanding French biotechnologists directed by Prof. Seralini has proved the toxic effects of MON863 corn, which has been forced in Europe and in Poland, on kidneys and liver. Besides the solid and long standing research one should mention the famous London scientific panel, signed by over 600 scientists from all over the world, and the books 'Seeds of Deception' or 'Genetic Roulette' by Jeffrey Smith, which include hundreds of publications about the negative effects of GM plants on people's health, animals and the environment. Those who have not read these works should not present their opinions on this subject.