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The World Defends itself against GMO

Because of such information the world is less interested in GM. An increasing number of countries stop using GM soy. Many Italian and French producers of cheese seek GM-free feedstuff. One can observe similar reactions of Austrian and Dutch producers of milk and beef. In Great Britain the poultry in hypermarkets is marked as GM-free.

Since September 2006 Poland has imported soy having the certificate 'GMO-free product', as feedstuff for pigs in firms exporting to the German market. In response to the information about the toxic effects
of MON863 corn Russia has also closed its market to GM soy. Last year the biggest Russian importers and soy processors 'Sodruzhestwo' and 'Rybflotoprom' declared trade free of GMO. This undermines the claim of the Polish producers of feedstuff that the production based on unmodified ingredients is impossible.