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‘Field trials illegal’

Bangalore, Feb 5, DH News Service:

The State government constituted Organic Farming Mission considers even the field trials of Bt Brinjal made at several locations in the country as illegal as no prior permission was sought.

Speaking to reporters in Bangalore on Saturday, Mission Chairman Anand Aashri said his group was against commercial cultivation of any type of genetically modified food. The mission is of the opinion that even the field trials of Bt Brinjal by Mahyco’s scientists, in collaboration with the UAS Dharwad, and four other research groups was an “illegal act” as the requisite permission was not sought.

Aashri said there was also the threat of gene contamination of native varieties of brinjal such as “Udupi Gulla.”

He said that there have been instances when Bt gene has crossed over to non-Bt varieties threatening the original variety.