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Joint Workshop with Medical Practitioners on GM

SAGE (South Against Genetic Engineering) and Indian Medical Association's Madurai Branch (Madurai comes under South Indian State of Tamilnadu) have jointly organized a joint workshop on "Genetically Modified Seeds and Foods- An Achievement or a Threat?"  for Medical
Doctors in Madurai on 16th June 2008.
The workshop was a result of the initiative by the Tamilnadu chapter of SAGE, as part of its campaign against Genetic Engineering. SAGE has been involved in sensitizing the various sections of the society on the negative impacts of Gentic Engineering and Genetically Modified Crops. SAGE has earlier organized workshops for local governance bodies (panchayats), political parties, consumers and academecians. Just a day before this workshop with Doctors, SAGE has also organized a workshop for the lawyers and Judges in Chennai, where in practicing Lawyers and Madras High Court Judge attended and deliberated the legal implications of the GM crops.
Medical practiceners like Dr Deivanayagam, a Senior Chest Physician and Advisor- Scientific Committee, to the health Minister shared the information on the health hazards of the GM products like rBGH, L-tryptophan and how they affect the consumers health. Later  Dr. Natarajan (General Physician) and  Dr. Soundarpandian (Senior nephrologist) discussed about Genetically Modified Crops and their hidden Health Hazards.
Dr Nammalvar, the President of the Tamilnadu Organic Agriculture Movement, while inagrating the workshop, shared and explained to the Doctors about the implications of the Genetically Modified Crops in India such as emergence of the resistance to the pests, higher sucking pest incidence, skin allergies etc and urged the Doctors to keep a watch on the skin allergies and their link to working in GM cotton fields.
Mr P V Satheesh, convener of SAGE discussed about the local foods and their nutritive values in comparision to the foods like Rice, wheat and the GM rice.
Dr Vijayan, Chairman of the Kerala Biodiversity Board shared the information on the GM cotton's poor performance and the threat these GM crops pose to the Biodiversity. Ms Usha of TANAL presented the
Regulatory aspects of the GM crops to the Doctors.