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Research Highlights Newsletter, 18 July 2008

Nature Nanotechnology

Research highlights

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Sixth chemistry podcast now live

Focusing on nanotechnology, in this May/June 2008 show, we discover how a team from MIT are getting nanoparticles into cells, do a spot of interstellar chemistry with an escaping sugar molecule, issue a health warning for those working with carbon nanotubes, and take a look at the latest online tool helping chemists get hold of chemical information.

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Graphene: Transparent support
Atoms as small as hydrogen can be observed by using a graphene sheet as a microscope slide


Nanoparticles: Get cracking
Nanoparticles of nickel oxide supported on alumina are good catalysts for removing tar during the conversion of biomass to bioenergy


Graphene oxide: Hot stuff
Thermal annealing or electron beam irradiation can be used to change the band structure of graphene oxide layers for field-effect device applications

Nature Materials: 19.782 2007 Journal Citation Report (Thomson Reuters, 2008)

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As the Impact Factor confirms, we are still the leading primary research journal in materials sciences and related physical and biological sciences.

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