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Is Charles' Anti-GM Outburst Linked to India Business Plans?



'Fearsome Twosome' Confound GM Scientists
The Spoof.Com, August 2, 2008

The famous 'Fearsome Twosome', carrot farmer Paddy Hold'em and Mrs. Trellis of North Wales yesterday criticised two leading lights of the scientific world by claiming that theirs was the only really natural method of farming and that any attempts to carry out any form of genetic manipulation of crops is simply immoral and dangerous.
Mr. Hold'em grows F1 carrots and sells them to Stainsberry supermarkets as organic and Mrs. Trellis grows hybrid maize for her highland cattle. Her pigs are fed on organic triticale and she sells nectarines and Loganberries from her organic nursery to supplement her income from her smallholding.
'We only grow crops as nature intended and would never consider doing any sort of plant breeding that would compromise our principles' said Mrs. Trellis.
Their two opponents in a recent BBC debate, Prof Mustave Fourbrains and Lord Completely Brilliant were so shocked by the pair's assertions that they had to be taken away by ambulance to a darkened room for several hours after which they were unavailable for comment.
A BBC spokesperson said later that this is just the sort of debate we have been seeking to develop so that viewers and listeners could gain a better understanding of merits of both sides of the argument. 'Naturally we hope that the two scientists will feel better very soon and that they will wish to contribute to our ongoing series of scientific programmes which will include "Why the earth may be flat after all" and "Was Galileo bribed and misled by the Methodist Church?"  

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