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Sun Black: The New Black Tomato
From an Italian Research


Italian researches from School of advanced studies Sant'Anna, University of Pisa, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and University of Tuscia have launched a brand new tomato, being part of the "Tom - Anto" research project.

Yes, it's a tomato. But, while ripening, its peel becomes dark purple and black, thanks to its high content of anthocyanins, the same pigments which are present in some healthy fruits as black grapes and blueberry.

This new tomato has been called "Sun Black". Its pulp is still of red color and it tastes just like a traditional tomato. Sun Black is not a GM product and it is very healthy, thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of anthocyanins.

This tomato is the result of the "Tom - Anto" project, which has joined various Italian Universities and which has been financed by the Italian department of agriculture. Sun Black is now in its second growing year and it has been obtained by a cross between two parents-tomatoes, which were showing a few quantities of anthocyanins in their leaves.

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