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NEW PSI-Nature Structural Genomics Knowledgebase
A new gateway to protein structure is now open!
A new window onto the world of protein structure has opened with the launch of the PSI-Nature Structural Genomics Knowledgebase. The PSI-SGKB is a free site designed to let users explore the PSI's rich research findings, tools and resources, and to stay informed about advances in structural biology and structural genomics.

Visit the PSI-SGKB at

Nature Reviews Genetics and Nature Genetics
A Look at Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies

DNA sequencing is undergoing a revolution. Sanger sequencing
has reached its limits and is being replaced by a new generation
of technologies that promise faster and cheaper delivery of
sequencing information. Nature Genetics and Nature Reviews
Genetics present a Poster and Podcast that explore the conceptual
basis of these next-generation sequencing technologies, their
myriad applications and challenges for the future.

Access the FREE Poster and Podcast online!

Produced with support from:
Applied Biosystems

The Guardian (U.K.)
Oct 17, 20

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