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Involve Science Academy in policy decision: CNR
DH News Service, Bangalore:

The Indian Academy of Sciences should be modelled on the American Academy of Sciences, where the Academic Council would be involved in the policy decision of the government, suggested Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister, C N R Rao here on Thursday. He was speaking at the inauguration of the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Academy.

Rao said that the Council of the Academic Sciences should have more communication with the government and  and offer suggestions about policy making. Former presidents of the Academy discussed several issues plaguing the scientific community, like increasing dialogue with scientists in other parts of the word, engaging more in what is termed ‘soft sciences and also the need to pursue more research in areas often termed as ‘controversial’ like genetically modified foods.

The Indian Academy of Sciences was founded by Nobel Laureate Physicist Sir C V Raman in 1934. The Academy now has a strength of 930 Fellows, 50 Honourary Fellows and 37 Young Associates. It promotes the progress of science and also places special emphasis on bringing promising young scientists into the fold, through fellowships.

Monthly lectures, symposia and interactive sessions between scientists, students and scholars from other disciplines will be held during the platinum celebrations. Former presidents Prof O Siddiqui, Prof D Balasubramaniam, Dr S Varadarajan, Prof N Kumar and Dr K Kasturirangan were also present.