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Indian Consumers are More Confident About Food Safety

AFIC study Food & Beverage News, January 24 2009
http://www.hospitalitybizindia.com/detailNews.aspx?aid=3308&sid=23 | Mumbai - A study on food safety by Singapore-based Asian Food Information Centre (AFIC) said that Indian consumers are most confident about food safety levels in the country as compared to other Asian countries like China and Japan. The study also pointed out that about 84 per cent of Indians are ready to purchase biotech food items such as tomatoes, food staples and cooking oils.

George Fuller, Executive Director, AFIC, said, “It is encouraging to note that 84 per cent of Indians are ready to purchase bio-tech food. This is good for India as the government considers crop biotechnology as a strategic element to increase food productivity.” The government has, so far, not approved the commercial production of any genetically-modified (GM) food products in India.

According to experts, the study is significant, especially in view of the fact that the approval for GM crops in India has always been a controversial matter, with organisations such as Greenpeace India voicing concern about various safety-related and other issues allegedly associated with such products.

To bring appropriate food safety norms in the country, the Ministry of Health and Food Safety Standards Authority (FSSA) has decided to draft guidelines, which are expected in a month.