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MS of GM Update
Dear All,

I hope you managed to hear the Today programme this morning, if not please find below links to ‘Listen Again’. The report has also been covered in the Telegraph and we’re expecting more feature pieces towards the end of this week.

Just to make sure you all have the right report as different versions were circulating last week, the final report is available from our website at:


It will be available as a hard copy in the next week or so.
If you have any suggestions of where it might be covered (blogs, specialist magazines, websites) or if you could set up links to the guide from your organisation's website that would be great, but we will be in touch to follow this up.
Best wishes
Leading agricultural scientists are claiming that it is vital we take another look at genetic modification if we are to cope with food security issues raised by population growth and climate change. Science correspondent Tom Feilden explains what is in the report, Making Sense of GM.

A guide published by scientists aims to make the British people reconsider their objections to genetically modified food. Prof Ian Crute, a contributor to the guide, and Peter Melchett, policy director of the organic farming group the Soil Association, discuss if the Britain is ready for a more rational debate about the merits of GM crops.

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