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July 2009



EU split over Monsanto, Pioneer GM maize
Reuters, July 22 2009

BRUSSELS - European Union countries failed on Wednesday to authorise three types of genetically modified maize produced by Monsanto (MON.N) and Pioneer Hi-Bred, a unit of DuPont (DD.N).

The executive European Commission said a panel of national experts from the EU's 27 member states had not managed to reach agreement to approve Monsanto's GM maize MON88017, MON89034 and Pioneer's 59122xNK603.

"Member states returned no definitive opinion for both files, either for or against the proposal," the Commission said in a statement.

EU governments will now debate the authorisation at a higher level -- ambassadors or ministers.

Genetically modified food is a sensitive issue in many countries, such as Austria, Hungary or Poland, with many people hostile to what they call "Frankenstein foods."

(Writing by Marcin Grajewski)