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Synthetic Biology

It's time to play God

Science issues : Synthetic Biology

Viruses electrify battery research

Building biofilms with DNA

The role of social scientists in synthetic biology

The second wave of synthetic biology: from modules to systems

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Synthetic Biology:
       New Engineering Rules for an Emerging Discipline

Challenges and Opportunities in Programming Living Cells

Engineering Life: Building a FAB for Biology

Synthetic Genomics: Options for Governance

Setting the Standard in Synthetic Biology

Replacement Genome gives Microbe New Identity

Towards Synthesis of a Minimal Cell

Reconstruction of Genetic Circuits

Generating a Synthetic Genome by Whole Genome Assembly

A New Generation of Scientific Mavericks is not Content to Merely Tinker with Life's Genetic Code

Synthetic Biology Projects in Vitro

The Future of Life: Creating Natural, Artificial, Synthetic and Virtual Organisms

Man-made Protocell Hosts DNA Synthesis