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Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and education
The fundamental goal of the foundation is to create scientific awareness about modern biotechnology and educate the public and various stakeholders about the perceived or potential risks and benefits of this emerging technology.
Modern biotechnology is one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century where many exciting and innovative researches are taking place at a rapid pace, and it is already revolutionizing the way we all live. Since modern biotechnology is new and unfamiliar, some sections of the society have certain doubts, apprehensions, anxieties, issues and concerns about its utility, durability and impacts. It is not very easy for common people to comprehend biotechnology in all its manifestations and society's apprehensions are often exaggerated and amplified by a variety of actors and interlocutors who try to interpret biotechnology in ways that fit their own political agenda. They have been aggressively trying to disrupt the progress of this technology through agitations, law suites, and false propaganda about the safety, risks and benefits of this technology. Many of their assertions are not based on scientific facts, empirical evidences or objective analyses. As a result, there is considerable confusion and chaos in the minds of the public and the media about the risks and benefits of modern biotechnology. These will have to be scientifically and objectively explained and clarified in a given political, social and cultural milieu. The critical need of the hour is for the global scientific community to become more active and reach out to the society to educate them about biotechnology. It is equally important to create proper awareness about the developments in science and technology in a way the public can understand, a tall order, indeed!.

In an effort to fulfill such a need, a group of like-minded scientists and academics in Bangalore together founded the “Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and education" _wpro_href=" education" title="">education” (FBAE) on January 18, 2001. Since most of the founding members of FBAE are academics, they had a natural inclination to help promote high quality education" _wpro_href=" education" title="">education and training in biotechnology.







Bt BrinjalA Greenpeace activist dressed as an aubergine protests against the possible cultivation of Bt brinjal - India's first GM food crop.

A fierce row over the future of the humble aubergine, staple ingredient of fiery brinjal curries for tens of millions of Indians, will reach a climax on Wednesday with a key government decision on the possible future commercial cultivation of



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