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Biotechnology and Bioethics


The sixth GEObs Database on Resources in Ethics was officially launched on 30 October 2008, and is freely accessible online to all Member States and the general public in the 6 official languages of UNESCO (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).

This new database is designed to reinforce ethics teaching, especially in regions where such activities are absent or minimal, by making resources in ethics available online through the GEObs. In this way, such resources can be accessed and downloaded by individual teachers as study materials to aid them in the creation of new ethics teaching programmes, or to strengthen existing teaching programmes. It would also be the repository for study materials of the proposed UNESCO Bioethics Core Curriculum.

Through this database, users are able to search for resources in ethics according to the area(s) of ethics, language(s) of the resource, status of the resource (copyright or open source) and material type(s). Material types include journals in ethics (international or national), UNESCO publications, ethics websites, videos (fragments), presentations (powerpoint or webcast), resources for ethics committees, case materials (casebooks, specific cases for the Bioethics Core Curriculum or others), and specific Bioethics Core Curriculum resources (searchable according to each unit of the curriculum). For journals in ethics, hyperlinks and contact information for the journals are provided. For ethics websites and UNESCO publications, hyperlinks are provided. For the rest of the materials, either hyperlinks or direct download options (of PDF or other types of files) are provided. The database also stores information of ethics events that have been announced through the GEObs mailing list.

Ethics teachers and experts are invited to contribute to the content of this database in order to ensure that a wide variety of regional and cultural perspectives are represented.

Please send all contributions and requests for further information to: geobs@unesco.org

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