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Biotech Education


EMBO Reports: Contents: Volume 9, Number S1

Bioentrepreneur: From Bench to Boardroom
.....for an update on the latest events focusing on life science entrepreneurship around the world.

How the EU can Fund your Company

Alfalfa Benifits from Medicago truncatula:
The RCT1 Gene M.truncatula Confers Broad-spectrum Resistance to Anthracnose in Alfalfa

Consortium for Functional Glycomics

ESBES Invitation: Bioprocess Engineering Course       

Harvard under Review

 Doctorate gets a Lesson in Management

'Science Professionals: Master's Education for a Competitive World'

An Interview with Harold Varmus
The Foreign Hand: Commentary

Biotechnology Education in India

How Safe is Biotechnology?

miRNA Research Education Center

The State of Biotechnology Education

List of Colleges Offering BE in Biotechnology (Affiliated to VTU, Karnataka)

List of Colleges Offering BE in Biotechnology

M.Sc. General Biotechnology (2 Years Course)

M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology ( 2 Years Course)

Master in Medical Biotechnology (2 Years Course)

M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology (2 Years Course)

M.Tech / M.Sc.(Tech) Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
(5 years integrated / 3 semesters / 1.5 year Course

PG Diploma Course in Clinical Biochemistry & Biotechnology (1 Year)

List of Colleges Offering Biotech Courses

Postgraduate  Courses in Biological Sciences

Other Articles and Useful Links

The State of Biotechnology Education

Bioinformatics in Biotecheducation