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Compass School Considers Saying No to GMO's
Compass School

International bestselling author, Jeffery Smith is a man with a mission. His Institute educates people about the documented health risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and provides them with healthier non-GMO choices. Last week, he was focused on school lunch as he brought his message of this environmental and social injustice to the Compass School in Westminster, Vermont. He explained to a group of 100 students, teachers, and community members how dangerous “Franken-Foods” have snuck into our school lunches. And he has a plan for Compass students to fight back against this invisible monster.

Compass senior Max Schadt said that Smith’s visit, “Motivated and inspired me to make changes in my own eating habits and to start working with other individuals and communities to help eliminate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from all food.”

One of the foremost authorities on Genetically Modified (GM) food in the world, Smith captivated the Compass audience as he shared meticulously documented risks of consuming food that contains hidden GMOs. Smith explained that GM plants, such as soybean, corn, cottonseed, and canola have had foreign genes forced into their DNA which come from bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that have never before been in the human food supply. Since 1996 Americans have been eating GM ingredients in most processed foods. The FDA has ignored dozens of laboratory studies linking GMOs to thousands of toxic and allergic reactions producing sick, sterile and dead livestock with damage to virtually every organ studied.

Compass junior Zoe Reichsman said, “I was shocked to learn about the manipulation and corruption of our country’s government agencies. The FDA has a responsibility to Americans to give us food that is known to be safe!” Smith explained that the FDA does not require any safety evaluations for GMOs. Safety testing is left up to the very Bio-Tech companies that design and engineer these products for mass food production and consumption. After a wave of consumer concern about GMOs swept Europe in 1999, within a single week virtually every major food manufacture committed to remove GM ingredients from their products.

“It’s chilling to realize that our school children have been abandoned by the very government agencies assigned to protect their health and well-being. The lack of regulation on GM foods is potentially allowing the sacrifice of our children’s health in the interest of profits for big business. Who will protect the school children of our nation from these Bio-Tech bullies?”asked Compass school teacher Amah Greenstein.