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False Propaganda

An Impossible Coexistence: Transgenic and Organic Agriculture

The Pusztai Scandal Laid Bare

Dr Pusztai on 10th anniversary of GM Safety Scandal

Sowing Feudalism   

Hazardous GMOS

Prince Says GM Crops will Harm not Feed the World - and he May Have a Point

The 'Luddite' Prince and a GM Catastrophe

Prince Charles in Battle with Ministers Over 'Cynical' Attempts to Push GM Food as the Solution to World Hunger

Prince Charles, Science and Global Hunger

Exposed: Europe's GM-Hype in Times of Food and Fuel Crisis

Farmers' Union on Seeds Act + GMO Authority + US - India Knowledge Initiative in Agriculture

Drop the National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Proposals of Department of Biotechnology

Indian Farmers Shun GM for Organic Solutions

Too Many Unknowns in the Manufacture and Use of GM Foods

Defender of the Seeds: Q&A with Claire Hope Cummings

GM Foods - Letter to the Editor of the Irish Times

Debunking Claims that GM Crops are Becoming the Norm

What's the Difference between Bt and Natural Cotton?

After a Disastrous Track Record in 40 Countries, Bt Cotton is "Welcomed" in Pakistan

Bt is a Insecticidal Toxin

Bickering will Never Feed the World

'We need a Moratorium on Bt Cotton and New GM Testing'

US May Push GM Agenda after N-deal

FAO and "Genetic Pollution"

Sustainable agriculture: A world beyond GM crops
Indian scientists do not promote sustainable technologies because they are disconnected from the farming community. There was a stunned silence. For a few minutes they didn’t know how to react. They stared blankly at me, not many of them believing my words.

PAU should not promote BT cotton: KVM
BATHINDA: A day after Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) approved two new Bt cotton varieties, Kheti Virasat Mission (KVM) among many other voluntary organizations working in the field of natural and sustainable agriculture strongly raised objection to the new varieties.

Confession of A Qualified Genetic Engineer
'I bow before his Holiness Pope Benedict for my scientific sins. I have definitely done harm to mother earth and earned sins and I pray to His Holiness The Pope Benedict to prescribe me the punishment for this.

Large-scale Introduction of GM Crops Raises Concern

Joint Workshop with Medical Practitioners on GM

"Stop Release of Genetically Modified Organisms"

GM Crops' Biosafety Testing Procedure Questioned

Many Skeletons Tumble out of GEAC's Cupboard

Sustainable Agriculture: A World Beyond GM Crops

Manganese Nutrition of HT and Conventional Soybeans - Setting the Record Straight

Plan for GM Regulatory Authority may Spark a Turf War

The Grassroots Campaigner Behind the Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court

The Mealy Bug has Entered Vidarbha Cotton Fields through the Bt Cotton Seed

Against the Grain: The Terminator Hoax

First Egyptian Approval Of Genetically Modified Corn Raises Questions

Genetically Modified Seed Firms Rule India: Judge

Government against GM Seed Trials: Minister

Ravi Calls for Detailed Study on GM Crop Impact

Unintended GMO Health Risks

India under Fire for 'Misleading' Biosafety Statements

GE or not GE?

VJAS Demand PM to Ban Bt Cotton

Eight 'Clone Farm' Cows Born in Britain

Scientists Warn Against GM Foods

The Colour Purple

GM Crops not the Solution for Fighting Inflation

Ban GMOs Now !

Could GM Crops Offer the Solution for the Rise in the Cost of Food?'

GM Watch is Notorious for its Anti-GM Stance

State of the Science on the Health Risks of GM Foods

Advisory Committee Ignores Warning of GM Hazards

Prof. Dr. Engineer Stanislaw Wiackowski - Profile

Healthy Polish Food

The World Defends itself against GMO

Profit Before Ethics?

Influence on the EU

Dangerous GM Soy

Poland - A Guinea Pig?

Deadly Gift from Monsanto to India

A Clarion Call to Doctors from Doctors

Dr. Bhargava's letter to GEAC

Poverty Exacerbated by GM Seeds

Groups and Scientists Call for Halt to Releases of Genetically Engineered Trees

Panel Ignored Bt Cotton Toxicity Evidence'

ECO-INDIA : An Appeal to Save the World

Outcome of Jantar Mantar Protest
From: Jagannath Chatterjee
Subject: For Subhas Mahapatra: Outcome of the Jantar-Mantar Protest.

Research on Bt Cotton Impact Sought

HYDERABAD: The Deccan Development Society and AP Coalition in Defence of Diversity have demanded that the State and Central governments order comprehensive scientific research into the adverse impact of the Bt cotton cultivation on human, animal and soil health.

Consumers and Farmers are Marching Against GMOS

Consumers and farmers are marching in Melbourne, Australia against GM food and crops, on Wednesday 21st May beginning at the State Library at 1pm and proceding to Parliament House

ABARE Produces Another Bogus Report

The Network of Concerned Farmers (NCF) have slammed ABARE for their latest economic report titled "Economic Impacts of GM crops in Australia" claiming that it is based on misinformation and driven by the Federal government protecting their own investments in GM technology.

Another Year of Doom: Bt Cotton in Andhra Pradesh
The huge hype of Bt Cotton has once again trapped cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh

Scientists Create First Human Embryo

Human Genetics Alert (1) has discovered that American scientists have created the world's first genetically modified (GM) human embryo, without notifying the public or the media.

Spread the good news!
European Commissioners yesterday overturned the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) "safe to eat" verdict for three new GM crops -- two varieties of GM maize and one variety of GM potato.

Tamil Nadu Anti-GE Movement staged a demonstration in Coimbatore protesting BT seeds.

Greenpeace claims illegal GM food items are being sold in India

GM food silently taking over menu?

Local and Global Elites Join Hands
Development and Diffusion of Bt Cotton Technology in Gujarat

Paradoxes that Remain

Bt Cotton in India

Bt Cotton in Karnataka

GMOs: Need for Appropriate Risk Assessment System

High Stakes in Agro Research

Performance of Bt Cotton

Bt Cotton

Is Africa being bullied into growing GM crops?


Greenpeace Welcomes the Publication of the First Assessment of Global Agriculture

Coalition for GM Free India Marks Global Day of Action

Supreme Court order on GM food items “a breakthrough”

The Recipe for Food Rights
Prices of basic foods have sharply increased amid a rise in costs of commodities. The crisis has led to riots in poor countries by people who have limited access to food.

Bt Cotton Cultivation in India: Some Facts

Genetic Engineering in Indian Agriculture