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Important Publications

A microscopic reality tale

The end of theory in science?

The bright prospect of biochar

Mouse patent sparks ‘uncivil’ spat

Biotechnology In Indian Agriculture

Mitigation of indirect environmental effects of GM crops

Plant research accelerates along the (bio)informatics superhighway

President Barack Obama addresses the 146th Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences


Mitigation of establishment of Brassica napus transgenes in volunteers using a tandem construct containing a selectively unfit gene

Assessing and managing biological risks of plants used for bioremediation, including risks of transgene flow

Chemical-inducible systems for regulated expression of plant genes

Chemical-inducible systems for regulated expression of plant genes

superwoman1-cleistogamy, a hopeful allele for gene containment in GM rice

Regulated gene expression with promoters responding to inducers

Control of seed germination in transgenic plants based on the segregation of a two-component genetic system

Directed microspore-specific recombination of transgenic alleles to prevent pollen mediated transmission of transgenes

Plant Biotechnology Journal

Critical Asian Studies

Controlling the release of pollen from genetically modified maize and increasing its grain yield by growing mixtures of male-sterile and male-fertile plants

Weed species shifts in glyphosate-resistant crops

Simulation modelling to understand the evolution and management of glyphosate resistance in weeds

Measurement and modelling of glyphosate fate compared with that of herbicides replaced as a result of the introduction of glyphosate-resistant oilseed rape

Gene flow from glyphosate-resistant crops

Integrating soil conservation practices and glyphosate-resistant crops: impacts on soil

Comparison of herbicide regimes and the associated potential environmental effects of
glyphosate-resistant crops versus what they replace in Europe

New multiple-herbicide crop resistance and formulation technology to augment the utility of glyphosate

Economic impacts of glyphosate-resistant crops

Herbicides, glyphosate resistance and acute mammalian toxicity:

US grower perceptions and experiences with glyphosate-resistant weeds

Wiley interscience

The control of Asian rust by glyphosatein glyphosate-resistant soybeans

Glyphosate: a once-in-a-century herbicide

Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds and Crops

Glyphosate: a once-in-a-century herbicide

Glyphosate-resistant crops:

Efficiency of a bagasse substrate in a biological bed system for the degradation of glyphosate, malathion and lambda-cyhalothrin under tropical climate conditions

Glyphosate sustainability in South American cropping systems

Fate of glyphosate in soil and the possibility of leaching to ground and surface waters:

Characterization and plant expressionof a glyphosate

Plant biotechnology: ecological case studies on herbicide resistance

A share of resistant and sensitive populations of weeds.Results of monitoring in czech republic

A share of resistant and sensitive populations of weeds.Results of monitoring in czech republic

New multiple-herbicide crop resistance and formulation technology to augment the utility of glyphosate

Evolution of Glyphosate-Resistant Crop Technology

Field studies assessing arthropod nontarget effects in Bt transgenic crops introduction

Long-term assessement of the effects of transgenic Bt cotton on thefunction of the natural enemy community


LaReesa Meta Analysis

Bt Crop Effects on Functional Guilds of Non-Target Arthropods: A Meta-Analysis

Bt Crop Effects on Functional Guilds of Non-Target Arthropods: A Meta-Analysis

The Global Food Crisis

Folate biofortification of lettuce by expression of a codonoptimized chicken GTP cyclohydrolase I        gene

Proceedings of the roayal society biological sciences

Mitigation of indirect environmental effects of GM crops


Agriculture for Development

The cup half empty


GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2007

Folate biofortification of lettuce by expression of a codonoptimized chicken GTP cyclohydrolase I        gene

Driving biosafety research on GM plants

The belief that genes cannot be changed is now outdated

Acceptance of biotechnology and social-cultural implications in Ghana

Biological Safety Training Programs as a Component of Personnel Reliability

A smarter way to combat hunger

Climate Policy Integration, Coherence and Governance

Directed, efficient, and versatile modifications of the Drosophila genome by genomic engineering

A transcriptomic analysis of superhybrid rice LYP9 and its parents

Genetics of reproductive lifespan

Socio Economic Impacts Assessment of Agbiotechnology

Sensitization: reciprocity and reflection in scientific practice

Domestication and growth hormone transgenesis cause similar changes in geneexpression in        coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)


Measuring the Economic Impacts of Transgenic Crops in Developing Agriculture during the First        Decade

The Gallagher Review of the indirect effects of biofuels production

“Transgenic treadmill”: Responses to the emergence and spread of glyphosate-resistant        johnsongrass in Argentina

 Agricultural Biotechnology for Development: socioeconomic issues and institutional     challenges       of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops in developing countries


Progress and prospects: techniques for site-directed mutagenesis in animal models

Suppressed expression of RETROGRADE-REGULATED MALE STERILITY restores pollen fertility        in cytoplasmic male sterile rice plants

GM Food and Trade

Golden rice is an effective source of Vitamin "A"

IFPRIO-Economic Impacts of First Ten Years of Transgenic Crops

Integrating Socio-Econmic Needs in Biosafety

Nutrient Enriched Transgenic Inbred Corn

ALABAMA VOICES: Diversity important in scientific research

Science for Science

On the Origin of Flowering Plants

Sustaining progress in the life sciences:

The GMO Crop (mis)Information Page

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science

The GMO Crop (mis) Information Page

PG Economics: Agricultural and Food Economists

New guidance on the patentability of embryonic stem cell patents in Europe

Transgenic Insecticidal Crops and Natural Enemies: A Detailed Review of Laboratory Studies

The Unnatural Order Of Things

Icsu regional office for africa 29th icsu general assembly

Agriculture and climate change:

German GM research—a personal account

Environment directorate joint meeting of the chemicals committee and the working party on chemicals, pesticides and biotechnology

Impacts of Bt crops on non-target invertebrates and insecticide use patterns

The phantom menace of gene patents

Human Gene Patent Rights

Dangers of Daignostic Monopolies

The evolution of Fox genes and their role in development and disease

Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 81

The Fear Profiteers

Gene expression map of the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem stem cell niche

Hearts and minds and nanotechnology

The Ethics and Politics of Nanotechology

The different dimensions of nanotechnology

Many roads to maturity: microRNA biogenesis pathways and their regulation

Socio-Economic Impacts of Non-Transgenic Biotechnologies in Developing Countries

Domestication and growth hormone transgenesis cause similar changes in gene expression in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Sensitization: reciprocity and reflection in scientific practice

Natural products and drug discovery

Extended phenotype redux

Best of the Web

Patents as an Asset for the Life Sciences: Valuation in Tough Economic Times

Transgenes in Mexican Maize!

Immunity through prtoein-polysaccharide conjugate vaccines


DNA sequence patents are not yet in the grave

Proprietary Science, Open Science, Public Disclosure and Patents

Recetn Applications in Patent Application


Agriculture-Farming Systems in an Age of Climate Change

Chatham House Report on Feeding 9 Billion People

Darwin at 200

Designer Labels for Virus Coats


Engineered Biosynthesis of Polyketides

FAO Biotech and Biofuels

Genomics in School

Golden Rice GR2

High Temperarture Reducing Global Harvests


Human Predators Outpace others in destroying the wilderness

Making Sens of GM

Protein Promiscuity and its implications for biotechnology

Shrawat et al Plant Biotech Journal 2008

STEPS Center Study on GM Crops

The First Decade of GE Crops in the US


Transgenes in Mexican Maize!

Vital Ingredient Food Report Jan 2009

Trangenic Maize and Evolution of Landrace Diversity in Mexico

The Wordl fo RNAs

NAS Emeriging Technologies Full

Microbiologu, past, present adn future

Long Coding RNAs

Lipidomics joions the -Omics revolution

GM Crops-Global Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts 1996-2006

Environmental Sceince and Policy

Emmissions from Agriculture

Effective population size and patterns of molecular evolution and variation

Antibodies_and antigens

DNA Nanotechnology

Deliberating risks of nanotechnology in the US

Cultural cognition of nanotechnology risks and benefits

Health Environment Effects of Nanotechnology

Religious Beliefs and Nanotechnology

Regulating Synthetic Biology

Regulating Nanotechnology - FDA Style

Nanotechnology Public Perceptions

Nanotechnology Getting to Know the Public

Nanotechnology Energy and Markets

Nanotechnology Needs Better Polymer Chemistry

Legal Liability Regimes Corrected and Bluebooked August 4 2006

The Genomics Revolution and Development Studies: Science, Poverty and Politics

Failing the Rural Poor Actionaid Report

Ecological Enigneering Better Alternative to GM Crops

DNA Patents


GoldenRice-New Campaign Report.

Executive Summary of Emerging technolgies for Africa.

Environmental Sceince and Policy.

Emerging Technologies for Africa.

The Development and Regulation of Bt Brinjal in India (Eggplant/Aubergine)

Microbial Drug Discovery-80 Years of Progress.

Transgenci rice resistant to tungro viruses.

The ageing immune sysytem.

Science in Theatre.

Protocol for Removing Antibiotic Resistance Marker Genes.

miRNA target recognition.

MiRNA and Regulation of Stem Cells.

Microbe Hunting.

Mechanism of Unconventional Protein Secretion.

Increasing biofuel corn decreases biocontrol services.



Hepatitis C Therapies.

Greenleaf & Kremen 2006 PNAS.

RNA Silencing

Closing India's Nutrition Gap

Agricultural Biotechnology: Economic Growth Through New Products, Partnerships and Workforce Development

Agricultural Biofuels : Technology, Sustainability and Profitability

Vision for Agricultural Research and Development in the 21st Century

NABC Report No.16 Common International Goa l

National Agricultural Biotechnology Council Report

The Road Forward Agriculture and Forestry

Economics of Antiobiotic Resistance

Econoimcs of Pest Resistance to Transgenic Crops

Anatomy and functions of stem cells.


Who Coined Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.

GM Seeds can remian in oil longer than thought.

GM Rape can reduce fertilizer use.

Genetic engineering can cut the costs of biofuels.

Compliance costs Kalaitzandonakes Alston Bradford May 2007.

Cognitive Perception of Nanotechnology Risks.

Cancer Stem Cells.

Building Communiites one Bacterium at a Time.

Bt Cotton and Farmer's Suicides in India.

Biotechnology, Media and Public Policy.

Biodiversity Genetics.

Transgenci rice resistan to tungro viruses.

Terminator Technology Final Paper.

Sustaining Biodiversity in the Tropics.

Suicide main paper Bt cotton.

siRNAs in plants.


Resistance to Bt crops.

Next generation of DNA sequencing.

Mattoo & Teasdale 2009 Hort Rev- vol. 37 in press.

Kumbamu bt cotton India 2006.

Independent Research.

GM Crops in International Development.

Global impact bt cotton

Eocyte Origin of Eukaryotic Cells

DNA Replication.

Cotton Gossypol-Full.


categorized bollgard bollgard.

Bt maize for Africa.

Biotech Publications.

Biotech Comm course Barry IP.

Arechebcaterial Origin of Eukaryotes.

Antimicrobial Against

Access to Genome Database

A decade of Stem Cell Research

De Novo Induction of Bovine Encephalopathy


Embryonic Stem Cells as Tool for Cell Biology

Endogenous small RNAs in Grain

Global warming presents new challenges for maize pest management

Engaging Public Biodiversity Issues

EU Biofuels Policy

Deccan Herald - Help farmers with quality GE seeds

chment of tomato fruit with health-promoting anthocyanins by expression of select transcription factors


Assembling Materials with DNA as the Guide


Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation of Aspergillus awamori

Antimicrobial Against TB

Biotech Publications

DNA Patents

Hepatitis C Therapies

Independent Research

Next generation of DNA sequencing

Protocol for Removing Antibiotic Resistance Marker Genes

1997 Squash origin

2001 'Review of bio-archeology & plant domest

20070621 DG AGRI, Econ impact of unapproved GMOs on_EU_ag

GE of Mycobacteria and their phages

Highthroughput screening stealing march over microarray

Hydrothermal Vents and the Origin of Life

Impacts of Unapproved GMOs

Mass Spectromertry Across Sciences

National environment Policy 2004 (Draft for Comments)

Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine 2008

Plant Model Systems


Transcriptional regulation constrains the organization of genes on eukaryotic chromosomes - PNAS

Transcriptional Regulation of Eukaryotic Genes

warming and Cooling of the Earth

World Agriculture Report

Yield Increasing Gene for Rice and Wheat

Judith Rudins Speech

First Bt Cotton Grown in Pakistan

Bee learning behaviour affected by consumption of Bt Cry1Ab toxin The Bioscience Resource Project News Service

Cre-Lox Site-Specific Recombination Between Arabidopsis And Tobacco Chromosomes

Nature Reviews Genetics and Nature Genetics A Look at Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies

I Never Met a Microbe I Didn’t Like

Of Maize and Men, or Peas and People: Case Histories to Justify Plants and Other Model Systems

The Perfect Storm of Tiny RNAs

Organic Fertilization and the Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables

Transcriptional Regulation Constrains the Organization of Genes on Eukaryotic Chromosomes

Suppression of Cotton Bollworm in Multiple Crops in China in Areas with Bt Toxin–Containing       Cotton

Hormones Branch Out

Dominance and the Evolutionary Accumalation of cis- and Trans- effects on Gene Expression

Modelling and Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks

Organization of the Prolamin Gene Family Provides Insight into the Evolution of the Maize Genome       and Gene Duplications in Grass Species

Framing Science

Genetically Modified Food from Crops: Progress, Pawns, and Possibilities

Environmental Impact of GMOs Resistant to Herbicides

Bellagio 1969: The Green Revolution

The Infinite Sites Model of Genome Evolution

Precision Proteomics: The Case for High Resolution and High Mass Accuracy

Microbial Metagenomics

T-DNA–mediated Transfer of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Chromosomal DNA into Plants

The Genetic Expectations of a Protracted Model for the Origins of Domesticated Crops

Detecting Multiple Origins of Domesticated Crops

DNA Vaccines: Ready for Prime Time?

Explaining Human Uniqueness: Genome Interactions with Environment, Behaviour and Culture

Agricultural Innovation and Economic Growth in Africa: Renewing Iternational Cooperation

Effects of Bt transgenic Plants on Parasitoids

Only Apple Genes in the Apples

The Problem with Nutritionally Enhanced Plants

Redefining “Natural” in Agriculture

T-DNA–mediated Transfer of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Chromosomal DNA into Plants

The Missing Link

Religion, Science and Markets

DNA Nanotubes: Programming their Design

DNA-based Patents: An Empirical Analysis

A Review of International Labeling Policies of Genetically Modified Food to Evaluate India’s       Proposed Rule

Economic Impacts of Feed Related Regulatory Responses to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

Bypassing Content for Research on Biological Matierial

Context, Context, Context! A Delicate Empiricism for Biotechnology

Agrobacterium-mediated DNA Transfer, and then some

Plant Biology: Harmones Branch Out

Nature Reviews Microbiology contents October 2008 Volume 6 Number 10 pp 709-792

Online Bibliography of Assessment Studies on GE Crops

Organization of the Prolamin Gene Family Provides Insight into the Evolution of the Maize Genome and Gene Duplications in Grass Species

Transgenic Canola Does Not Threaten Bees and Butterflies

Scientific and Technical Contribution to the Development of an Overall Health Strategy in the Area
      of GMOs

United Nations Millenium Development Goals

Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the Millenium Development Goals

The Fate of Fingers ( Proteins with Zinc Fingers )

Farmers Praise GM Crop in EU Study

Bovine Growth Hormone 'Could Cut CO2 Emissions'

Farmers Praise GM Crops in EU Study

FAO Statement on Biotechnology

Transgenic Plants and World Agriculture

The Genetic Expectations of a Protracted Model for the Origins of Domesticated Crops

Detecting Multiple Origins of Domesticated Crops

The X-files in Immunity: Sex-based Differences Predispose Immune Responses

Puzzles, Promises and a Cure for Ageing

Alfalfa Benefits from Medicago truncatula: The RCT1 Gene from M. truncatula Confers Broad-spectrum Resistance to Anthracnose in Alfalfa

Food Crisis, Climate Change and the Importance of Sustainable Agriculture

Nanotechnology: Diamonds are for Tethers

Biochemistry: Fit for an Enzyme