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ABIC Foundation Inc
Sept 22 – 25, 2009
Travel Bursary announcement for:
ABIC 2009 Conference – Bangkok, Thailand – Sept 22 – 25, 2009
ABIC: Supporting Networking and Learning in Agricultural Biotechnology

The ABIC Foundation1 is accepting applications for a travel bursary for the forthcoming ABIC 2009 Conference to be held in Bangkok Thailand from September 22 – 25, 2009. The deadline for submission of applications is March 31, 2009 with award announcement set for May 2009.

The ABIC Foundation has set aside funds to provide for one travel bursary for ABIC 2009. The bursary will cover the cost of return travel, accommodation and meals while attending the conference, as well as registration fees to attend ABIC 2009.

The annual bursaries were created to encourage ABIC attendance from among young scientists in emerging nations. With this gesture, the ABIC Foundation assists promising new researchers by making the ABIC network of agbiotech contacts more accessible.

The bursary is open to young scientists in developing countries whose potential has come to the attention of the ABIC Foundation. Applications will be accepted from graduate students or post-doctoral fellows at accredited post-secondary institutions whose studies are closely focused on agricultural biotechnology. Candidates will be evaluated by the Foundation’s Board based on the following criteria:

(1) Candidates are asked to submit a letter of application which includes information relevant to the evaluation criteria and which briefly outlines their research.
Age requirement – applicants must be under the age of 35 at the time of application (note: photocopy of official documents such as passport or other government issued identification to verify age).
Financial need – applicants must supply a financial statement indicating all sources of income including bursaries, scholarships and research funding; indicating their expenses for the year.
Abstract – an abstract (in English) must be submitted.
Applicability of research – the successful candidate will be expected to submit a poster presentation on their research at ABIC. A committee will review nominations for applicants and will submit suitable applications for external review of the quality of the research.
Academic qualifications - applicants must be full-time graduate students or post-doctoral fellows at a post-secondary institution accredited by the International Association of Universities’  “World List of Universities”.
Country of origin - must be designated by the United Nations as a developing or emerging nation.

(2) Provide the appropriate supporting documentation.

(3) Provide a confidential letter of recommendation from the candidate’s supervisor, which must be submitted directly to the ABIC Foundation by the candidate’s supervisor.

(4)   Email and mail required:
a.      Email your complete submission to the Foundation at abicfoundation@abic.ca
b.      Plus, mail your complete submission to ABIC Foundation Inc., Attention:  Muriel Adams, 101 – 111 Research Drive, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 3R2 CANADA.

Please forward this message to those who meet the required qualifications of this bursary.

1The ABIC Foundation is the corporate body that oversees the ABIC Conference series.  ABIC stands for “Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference”.  ABIC Conferences inform stakeholders of advances, barriers and options which may influence science and business endeavors on a global scale.  The conference provides a forum for agbiotech organizations to demonstrate their capabilities and to seek investment, technology transfer and other opportunities.  For more information on ABIC, visit the website at http://www.abic.ca

The first Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC) was held in Saskatoon in 1996. A second conference in 1998 resulted in the formation of an organization that would oversee the ABIC Concept, and, to secure the continued success of the ABIC series.  Directors of the ABIC Foundation were drawn from several countries.  The Foundation was set up as a not-for-profit corporation, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  The Foundation's goal is to ensure ongoing opportunities for continuous learning and networking within the agbiotech community through the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference.  The Foundation performs advisory, promotional and supportive functions for the conferences. As the Foundation shapes the ABIC concept, it strives to position the Conference at the forefront of agbiotech innovation. Through its various activities, the Foundation raises ABIC's international profile while fostering the ABIC standard of quality.  ABIC Conferences have been held in Canada, Germany, Australia and Ireland.

ABIC 2009 - Bangkok Thailand - September 22 - 25
ABIC 2010 - Saskatoon Canada - September 19 – 22
ABIC 2011 – Johannesburg, South Africa – September 6 - 9
ABIC 2012 - Call for Proposals currently underway for an Asia/Pacific location

ABIC: Supporting Learning and Networking in Agricultural Biotechnology

ABIC is a registered trademark 

Bursary to attend a biotech meeting in Bangkok in September 2009.

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