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ESBES Invitation: Bioprocess Engineering Course

The Bioprocess Engineering Course is organised under the auspices of the European Federation of Biotechnology by the Working Group on Bioreactor Performance, in collaboration with other Working Groups (Working Group on Modelling, Monitoring, Measurement & Control and Working Group on
Downstream Processing and Recovery of Bioproducts) of the EFB Section on Biochemical Engineering Science. All of the lectures will be given by internationally distinguished university teachers or by leading experts from multinational companies. The course covers the full spectrum of bioprocess engineering, starting from genetic concepts for micro-organisms used to produce pharmaceutical and other products via microbial physiology, bioreaction kinetics to bioreactor design and scale-up. The organisms considered range from simple bacteria to highly specialised animal cell cultures. There is also a strong coverage of measurement, control and optimisation and how
they interact with each other and with the specific bioreaction of interest. Finally, there is a broad-brush coverage of downstream processing.

The course is directed specifically at Ph.D. students and experienced biotechnologists from research institutes, universities and industry. Participants are expected to have a background in chemical / biochemical engineering, biotechnology, a biological science or a related discipline. The lecturers are all acknowledged specialists in their fields, so that the course also provides a forum for highlighting recent research in relevant areas.

Full information will be found at http://www.hdb.hr/bec2008.html