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Bar Supports Basic Research on Traditional and Modern Biotech
Rita T. dela Cruz
Bureau of Agricultural Research


With the new R&D directions set by the Department of Agriculture (DA) in consonance with the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (2004-2010), the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) has focused its priorities mainly in the funding of applied research. But given its direct impact on the lives of the farmers and fisherfolk, BAR will continue to support basic and strategic researches.

"We need to continue the funding of basic research particularly on traditional and modern biotechnology," said BAR Director Nicomedes P. Eleazar during the recently concluded "BAR Midyear Review and Planning Workshop" held in Lucban, Quezon.

Basic researches are any experimental or theoretical work undertaken primarily to acquire new insights on the underlying foundations of physical and biological phenomena and observable events, without any predetermined application or use in view.

Eleazar mentioned that, "Support must be given to the conduct of basic or upstream research aimed at addressing emerging issues and concerns on R&D. Specifically, BAR will support basic researches on agricultural biotechnology covering both modern and traditional biotech."

Although basic research results may not immediately find its way for adoption and utilization, Eleazar believes that conducting basic and strategic research is an investment for the future. The underlying principles will later serve fundamental uses to research applications which are vital to technology generation.

In his provision, Eleazar encouraged state universities and colleges (SUCs) through the bureau's coordinators, to submit quality proposals on basic research for funding support.

In 2007, BAR funded the conduct of five basic researches most of them implemented by SUCs, namely: UPLB, UP Mindanao, and UP Visayas). The other two are being implemented by a DA staff bureau (BPRE) and an NGO (STRIVE/SIKAP Foundation).
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