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Bob Geldof and GM

"I just find hunger the worst, most anomalous, unnecessary death. AIDS is a misery but not being able to give your children something to eat on a daily basis... and most children will go to bed tonight ' like they did last night, like they will tomorrow night ' hungry in Africa. It's extraordinary, and yet we sit on vast surpluses still. So I'm a big GM guy and part of that is the notion that we can't allow Africans to have genetically modified foods, despite the fact that the science has come on a lot, that there are safeguards. Is it the answer to everything? No, of course not, but it's partially an answer when crops can grow in arid conditions. I also believe that we've got to develop industries where people can buy their food from other sources outside of their immediate area. But, if Africa is to grow at all, it will be through agriculture, so I believe it to be the primary aspect that we should look at. Crops that grow in arid or semi-arid conditions that are fairly resistant to pests, to insects and disease. Africa is peculiar. Man developed in Africa. Therefore, all the diseases that prey on man developed in Africa and are particularly persistent there due to geography, climate and lack of resistance, because of lousy economies, etc. So if you develop something that's a net boon to vulnerable people, give it to them. Give it to them. "

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