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Principles, Techniques and Applications of Plant Biotechnology and Genetics
July 4, 2008

DUBLIN, Ireland - Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Plant Biotechnology and Genetics: Principles, Techniques and Applications" report to their offering.

This report explores contemporary techniques and applications of plant biotechnology, illustrating the tremendous potential this technology has to change our world by improving the food supply. As an introductory text, its focus is on basic science and processes. It guides students from plant biology and genetics to breeding to principles and applications of plant biotechnology. Next, the text examines the critical issues of patents and intellectual property and then tackles the many controversies and consumer concerns over transgenic plants. The final chapter of the book provides an expert forecast of the future of plant biotechnology.

Each chapter has been written by one or more leading practitioners in the field and then carefully edited to ensure thoroughness and consistency. The chapters are organized so that each one progressively builds upon the previous chapters. Questions set forth in each chapter help students deepen their understanding and facilitate classroom discussions.

Inspirational autobiographical essays, written by pioneers and eminent scientists in the field today, are interspersed throughout the text. Authors explain how they became involved in the field and offer a personal perspective on their contributions and the future of the field. The text's accompanying CD-ROM offers full-color figures that can be used in classroom presentations with other teaching aids available online.

This text is recommended for junior and senior-level courses in plant biotechnology or plant genetics and for courses devoted to special topics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also an ideal reference for practitioners.

- Provides a thorough overview of botany and genetics for those students with minimal background in those areas, with coverage extending from very basic introductory materials to advanced techniques and applications.

- Includes autobiographical essays from eminent scientists to provide insight into the field of plant biotechnology and how it is changing the face of agriculture.

- Facilitates group discussions on problems and issues in plant biotechnology through the use of chapter questions and problems.

- Includes a CD ROM with colour graphics to aid students and teachers in presenting and understanding the material.

Key Topics Covered:

- Plant agriculture: the impact of biotechnology (Graham Brookes).

- Plant reproduction and Mendelian genetics (Matthew D Halfhill and Suzanne I. Warwick).

- Plant breeding (Nicholas A. Tinker).

- Plant development and physiology (Glenda E. Gillaspy).

- Tissue culture: the manipulation of plant development (Vinitha Cardoza).

- Molecular genetics of gene expression (Maria Gallo).

- Recombinant DNA, vector design construction (Mark D. Curtis).

- Genes and traits of interest for transgenic plants (Kenneth L. Korth).

- Promoters and marker genes (Brian Miki).

- Transgenic plant production (John Finer and Taniya Dhillon).

- Transgenic plant analysis (Janice Zale).

- Regulations and biosafety (Alan McHughen).

- Field testing of transgenic plants (Detlef Bartsch, Achim Gathmann, Christiane Saeglitz and Arti Sinha).

- Intellectual property in agricultural biotechnology: strategies for open access (Alan B. Bennett, Cecilia Chi-Ham, Gregory Graff and Sara Boettiger).

- Why are transgenic plants so controversial (Doug Powell)?

- The future of plant biotechnology (C. Neal Stewart, Jr. and David W. Ow).


Research and Markets
Laura Wood, Senior Manager
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Source: Research and Markets

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